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Make Up Games

- Makeup
Asian Beauty Make UpAsian Beauty Make Up

Discover the secrets of the Far East for staying young and beautiful. Asian women are known for having beautiful skin and gorgeous hair and their trad...
Halloween Theme MakeupHalloween Theme Makeup

Tonight is a special night, and all the sprites and witches are out to play on this night of mischief and creativity. Show off your makeup and costume...
Fairy Make UpFairy Make Up

This cute forest fairy is growing up and needs to learn how to use make up, out on her eye shadow, foundation, lipstick and mascara to turn this young...

Car Make UpCar Make Up

In this high action car make up game, you're in a hurry to meet your friends and are forced to put on make up on the go. Be careful and don'...
Sophisticated StyleSophisticated Style

Feeling grown up? Try something new in adult fashion, a sophisticated style is important as one grows up so try on lace tops and sweaters and a new mo...
Commercial MakeupCommercial Makeup

Be the make up artist for an advertisement shoot and pick out the commercial makeup for this print ad. Make sure the lipstick and blush on the model i...
Pearl PrincessPearl Princess

Pick between pearls and silver jewelry in this decorating accessory makeover game. Be a pearl princess this season with beautiful necklaces and earrin...
Anime PrincessAnime Princess

A beautiful anime princess is in need of a makeover, pick out a dress and a crown for the princess in her anime cartoon. The royalty needs jewelry and...
Asian SupermodelAsian Supermodel

Make up this hot asian supermodel and pick out her accessories purses and jewelry for her outing to the club. Be the models stylist and pick her lip g...
Field of FlowersField of Flowers

Enjoy a fresh summer breeze as a lady in a field of flowers. Decorate the lady of the flowers with make up and cute hats and accessories, choose her d...
At the ParkAt the Park

Enjoy a nice summer day at the park, there's many fun activities in the park. Have a picnic or go on the swings, but make sure to put on make up ...
New Summer LookNew Summer Look

Get a new summer look after tanning on the beach, or even just going to a tanning salon. Get this girl ready to go out with lip gloss and cool sunglas...
Anime PrincessAnime Princess

Anime Princess, make up this cute anime girl, and give her a princess worthy makeover. Anime princess is a warrior in a video games and loves to dress...
Beach Make OverBeach Make Over

Relax on the beach after a beach make over. Protect yourself from the sun with a sun hat on the beach and pick a hairstyle and relax on the beach.
Purple Daze MakeupPurple Daze Makeup

Stuck in a purple daze makeup makeover game. Makeup this colorful purple doll in the prettiest makeup and color her lips and her eyes. Give her access...
Ghetto Girl MaKe UpGhetto Girl MaKe Up

This urban city ghetto girl wants to put on some colorful make up in the ghetto girl make up games. She's going to a club to dance so pick out co...
Welcome to HawaiiWelcome to Hawaii

Welcome to Hawaii Makeup Game. MAKEUP this cute little Hawaiian girl from Honolulu and get a lei from the little girl. Put make up on this dancer Hono...
Super Model MakeupSuper Model Makeup

Super model makeup, put make up on this super model in the wind. Choose her hair color, and dye her hair different colors to match the make up you wan...
Little Girl MakeUpLittle Girl MakeUp

Makeup this happy young girl in little girl makeup makeover game. Choose the coolest outfits for this preteen, she is about to go to a basketball game...
Cool Street Style Make OverCool Street Style Make Over

Street Style make over is cool with ice necklaces and cool sunglasses to make over this cool chick. Try out different hair styles and make up in this ...
Beach Girl MakeupBeach Girl Makeup

Get this beach girl make up and ready for a fun day at the beach. Pick the eye make up, hair accessories, and eye lash color to make this beach girl s...
Elegant MakeupElegant Makeup

Time for a fancy elegant dinner party. Pick the fancy jewelry and elegant makeup to match this fancy dress.
Happy Face MakeupHappy Face Makeup

Happy girl with funky taste wants to put on some makeup. Pick out the best lipstick for her happy mouth and play happy face makeup.
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